Now you can bring the Fart Ninjas to life with the Fart Ninjas App! Based on our collectible toy line with motion activated fart sounds, the Fart Ninjas App takes the fun wherever you go. Create masterpieces with the photo booth and share it with friends, put your favorite Fart Ninjas into any real environment with the AR feature, or create an awesome fart mix with the Fart Mixer!

Download the App through Google Play 

Augmented Reality

Unleash the Fart Ninjas into the real world and see these mischievous pranksters in action. Using AR you’ll be able to summon Fart Ninjas into any real environment, just make sure you have a flat surface for them to launch on. Fart Ninjas are unpredictable and will randomly perform different actions and attacks, so keep a close eye on them. Use the video recording feature to capture the action and save it to watch later or share it with your friends.

Photo Booth

Use the Photo Booth feature to take images using either your front or rear facing camera and layer on different Fart Ninja stickers and text. With so many fun ways to customize your photos, the possibilities and laughs are endless. Once you’ve completed your masterpiece save the images and share them with your friends.

Fart Mixer

Become the ultimate DJ and create your own custom fart mixes. Choose from a number of different fart sounds and add them to your custom fart mix at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the sounds in your mix to speed up or slow down the sounds to create your desired effect. Then save your custom fart mix and share it with others so they can enjoy your DJ skills.

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